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I'm a 27 year old Eclectic Pagan of 14 years. I am primarily a devotee of Dionysus and very focused on that at the moment. I'm happy to take asks and will answer what I can or point you towards someone I think might be able to.

We have a lot of statues here in Indianapolis. A lot a lot. So I thought I’d continue a series of posts on where you might be able to find your gods or goddesses while you’re here if you pass through. I know Gencon is coming up this summer! So, if you live here or are heading over, keep the IMA in mind. The Indianapolis Museum of Art has both artwork inside and outside for you to see. Their outside grounds - gardens and the Hundred Acre Wood - are fantastic. And free! There is a five dollar parking fee. So, stop by and see if you can find these statues of Diana outside!

She appears in a copy of Diana of Versailles as well as in Diana with Dog. I believe there is at least one other statue featuring Diana on the grounds as well. But I can’t be certain and don’t have a picture for you. The IMA grounds are full of art! Stay tuned to find out what else you could find there.

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